Smart Warehouse Management: How to Go About It?


The warehouse is the part of the business concerned with maintaining and caring for product stock - warehouse management is concerned with everything related to warehouses: the storage conditions, appropriate storage method, the spaces inside the store, the length of the corridors, the methods of transport, receipt, and examination, expiry dates and validity of products, security and much more. From the smallest parts like how to safely use a gas cylinder cage to more complex ideas surrounding warehouse management, this article talks about it all. If you want your business to succeed, you need to learn appropriate and optimized warehouse management techniques.  

What Are Your Responsibilities When Managing Your Warehouse?

What will be your primary responsibilities in the warehouse? You need to have a clear idea about your responsibilities before you learn smart ways of doing it. 

  • Maintaining materials: These are the tasks of storing goods and arranging them in warehouses - from the minute they enter the warehouse until the minute you need to take them out. 
  • Preserving the materials: Taking care of the stored materials preventing damage - ensuring their safety and keeping them fit for use. Each material in the warehouse has special storing needs to preserve it at 100% and smart warehouse management takes that into account.

What are The Main Tasks of Warehouse Management? 

Now that you’ve learned your responsibilities, it is time to learn what your tasks are. What will you have to do to keep the warehouse functioning? Having a clear vision of the most common tasks will help you work smarter.

  • Review the items that you'll receive and need to store.
  • Ensure the availability of items inside the warehouse and the store according to the quantities demanded.
  • Preserving the goods and preventing loss or damage.
  • Ensuring cost-effectiveness and finding ways to store items for less. 
  • Monitoring workers inside the warehouse and ensuring productivity. 
  • Ensuring proper insurance and safety protocols. 
  • Ensuring there are proper transportation equipment and vehicles. 

Calculations Involved in Taking Care of Warehouses

We also explained previously, the main goal of the warehouse management department is to use the warehouse floor in a manner that ensures ease and arrangement of stock in a way that ensures the inflow and outflow of goods effectively. In order to make sure that the warehouse management department is working properly, some conditions must be met, namely:

  • Make sure to mark items in the store by printing barcodes on them.
  • Examine items before adding them to the warehouse to ensure their safety.
  • Review the quantity, quality, and suitability of the goods.
  • Track the movement of each item between different shelves and in and out of the warehouse. 
  • Minimize storage costs and ensure that there is no excess storage used or vice versa.
  • Conformity with security and safety procedures within the store.
  • Ensure that workers inside the warehouse work in a proper and orderly manner - recording the start and end of their shift, what projects they worked on, and much more. 
  • Submit periodic reports on the warehouse status to ensure you have an accurate overview of what’s going on. 

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